Only one step from Santiago

San Alfonso is located at only 90 kilometers apart from Santiago in Algarrobo’s northern sector, the closer beach spot to the eastern sector of the capital city.

Arriving to this “private world” is faster and safer than ever, since the access routes have been substantially enhanced. One of the alternatives from Santiago is taking Highway 68 that runs between Santiago and Valparaiso – with double lane in all its course – and continuing to the highway that communicate Casablanca and Algarrobo. Then, it is possible to reach San Alfonso directly by the Aguas Marinas branch, without passing by Algarrobo’s downtown, thereby avoiding traffic jams and delays, especially during summer. It is worth to mention that Costanera Norte and Vespucio Norte franchised expressways in Santiago allow anybody to reach Highway 68 non-stop in a matter of minutes.

Another alternative is taking Autopista del Sol and then continuing by the highway that joins all the seaside towns between Algarrobo and Santo Domingo. This highway runs parallel to the coastal route and makes possible to go from Algarrobo to San Antonio’s harbor in just 20 minutes.

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